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Indian Economic Association is a registered body of Indian Economic Professionals, established way back in  1917, with the objective of providing a Forum for debate and discussion of theoretical and policy oriented Issues of Economic Science. The IEA organizes annual conferences, special seminars and lectures by eminent persons of the profession.

The IEA has so far organized 96 annual conferences in different parts of the country. A list of the past Presidents of the Association is given separately. A list of the themes of the different conferences over the recent years since 2000  is also given separately.

The IEA is a member of the International Economic Association.

The IEA has had the privilege of organizing the World Economic Congress in collaboration with the International Economic Association, in New Delhi, in the year 1986, at which Nobel Laureate Professor Kenneth J. Arrow was the President of the International Economic Conference.

The IEA has currently more than 3000 members both Individual and Institutional.

Its Secretariat is normally located at the office of the Annual President of the Conference and at the office of the Member Secretary cum Treasurer of the Association.

For the year 2012-13, below is given the office addresses of the Indian Economic Association:
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Professor V.N. Balasubramanyam
Professor of Development Economics (Emeritus)
Department of Economics.
Lancaster University Management School
Lancaster University
Lancaster, LA14YX,UK
United Kingdom
Email ID: 
Professor Lester D Taylor
Professor, University of Arizona USA
Email ID: 
Professor Kaushik Basu
C.Marks Professor
Department of Economics
Uris Hall, Cornell University, USA
Email ID:
Professor Pranab Kumar Bardhan
Professor of Economics
University of California, Berkeley,
USA .Email ID:
Professor Terence C Mills
Department of Economics, Loughborough University.
United Kingdom
Email ID : 
Professor Peter Nunnenkamp
Professor, Kiel Institute for World Economics,
Kiel, Germany
Email ID: 
Professor Yanis Varoufakis
Department of Economics,
University of Athens, Greece
Email ID: 
Professor Raghbendra Jha
Australia South Asia Research Centre,
Research School of Pacific & Asian Studies, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia.
Email ID: 
Professor Ravi Kanbur
Professor of Economics , Cornell University.
309 Warren Hall, U.S.A
Dr Sheengen Fan ,
Director General,International Food Policy Research Institute ,
Prof Sonali Desai ,
Department of Sociology
Maryland University , Maryland, USA
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